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Our six step financial planning process

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We believe that your Personal Financial Plan needs to be individual, flexible, dynamic and regularly reviewed... just like your aspirations in life

We believe that the value of unbiased advice from a professional, qualified independent financial adviser is highly significant and cannot be underestimated. When making recommendations, we select companies from the whole of the marketplace for their individual skills, investment performance, competitive charges, financial strength, customer service and their suitability for our client’s personal needs. 

We use the most sophisticated and up to date financial research technology to analyse literally thousands of financial products and investments to ensure that the plans we put in place today can be adapted to any changes needed in the future. Our commitment to excellence in the research we conduct has served our clients well and has contributed to the reputation we have gained for trusted advice, comprehensive information and clear guidance.

At Throgmorton, we follow a carefully designed financial planning process so that you know exactly what is happening at each of its six stages.


Identify your needs and objectives

We will arrange an initial introductory meeting to explain fully how our service works, identify and explore your primary financial needs and long term objectives and answer your questions.


Gathering client information

We will work with you to: establish a detailed profile of your current financial situation, fully understand your values, aspirations, long term financial objectives, concerns and priorities and help you to develop these into well defined goals. We will also discuss your attitude to investments and assess the risks you are willing and able to accept. This information will form the foundation of your Personal Financial Plan.


Prepare an analysis of your situation

Once we have a clear picture of your situation and objectives, the next steps are to develop your Personal Financial Plan and then produce your Personal Financial Planning Report. The Report will provide a detailed analysis of your current financial position and highlight any shortfalls we identify. Using independent research and analysis, we cover a series of critical steps that enable us to make specific recommendations to identify what strategic action you need to take to achieve your financial goals and possibly save tax, over your agreed time frame. 


Develop an action plan

At our second meeting we will discuss your Personal Financial Planning Report and provide a clear, comprehensive and jargon free explanation of our recommendations. At this stage we will answer any questions you may have and ensure that you thoroughly understand the strategy and can make fully informed decisions. We will agree with you any fine tuning that may be required and help you to prioritise where appropriate, thus developing your Action Plan.


Action Plan implementation

Once you fully understand your Plan and our recommendations, we will put it into action for you. You can relax in the knowledge that we will be taking care of all the necessary steps to turn your Plan into a reality.


Monitoring your progress

The value of this final stage cannot be overestimated. If you agree to an ongoing service from us, we normally recommend that your Personal Financial Plan is reviewed at least annually. Reviews will take account of any changes to your personal circumstances and objectives, investment or market conditions and your attitude and tolerance to investment risks. Changes to taxation and relevant legislation can have a significant impact over the long term, so it is important that your Plan remains up to date. We will again cover each critical step to ensure that your Plan remains on track.