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Our monthly portfolio positioning commentary.

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Optimism for higher growth has led to a revision of global economic growth forecasts. The estimated growth during 2021 for the US and emerging markets has been revised upwards to 7.5% and 6% respectively.


Select Portfolio Commentary March 2021

On 3rd February, the world reached a psychologically significant milestone as the number of people vaccinated against Covid-19 exceeded the number of confirmed cases, according to the Financial Times vaccine tracker.


Select Portfolio Commentary February 2021

The US and China continue to remain exceptions to the slowdown in developed markets due to the imposition of further social restrictions. In fact, China’s economy has now recovered to a higher level of GDP than pre-crisis.


Select Portfolio Commentary January 2020

The pandemic took a turn for the worse over Q4 as new infection rates rose significantly. However, concerns over the rising infections were overshadowed by the US election result and announcements regarding the approval and efficacy of vaccines.


Select Portfolio Commentary December 2020

Global equities posted the largest one-month gain since 2008 following the news of positive trial results of several COVID-19 vaccines. Furthermore, the vaccine developed by Pfizer and BioNTech was found to be more than 90% effective.


Select Portfolio Commentary November 2020

Despite many leading economic indicators suggesting that global trade has returned to an upward trajectory in October, after the steep drops in May and June, only the MSCI Emerging Markets and CSI China Securities 300 indices (from the worlds main stock markets) provided positive returns during October, returning 2.04% and 4.05% respectively.


Select Portfolio Commentary October 2020

The post Covid-19 economic recovery appears a little uneven across the world. Recent US economic data has been very positive, whereas activity in the UK, where Brexit is looming, is not as positive.