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Our monthly portfolio positioning commentary.

Select Portfolio Commentary August 2021

Select Portfolio Commentary August 2021 Latest

Investor’s have been given pause for thought over the last month, with the spread of the Delta variant of COVID-19 and softening economic data. This suggests that the global recovery post pandemic may be slowing slightly.


Select Portfolio Commentary July 2021

Following the impact of the Pandemic on global economies, we have experienced one of the sharpest recessions in history, followed by one of the strongest recoveries.


Select Portfolio Commentary June 2021

As economies gradually reopen, global growth is expected to continue on its upward trajectory. Growth will continue be supported by the enormous fiscal and monetary stimulus provided by Governments and the Central Banks.


Select Portfolio Commentary May 2021

A tremendous effort has been made through the use of monetary and fiscal policy to protect people and economies from the impact of COVID-19, which was first declared to be a global pandemic over a year ago.


Select Portfolio Commentary April 2021

Optimism for higher growth has led to a revision of global economic growth forecasts. The estimated growth during 2021 for the US and emerging markets has been revised upwards to 7.5% and 6% respectively.


Select Portfolio Commentary March 2021

On 3rd February, the world reached a psychologically significant milestone as the number of people vaccinated against Covid-19 exceeded the number of confirmed cases, according to the Financial Times vaccine tracker.


Select Portfolio Commentary February 2021

The US and China continue to remain exceptions to the slowdown in developed markets due to the imposition of further social restrictions. In fact, China’s economy has now recovered to a higher level of GDP than pre-crisis.