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Our monthly portfolio positioning commentary.

Select Portfolio Commentary September 2020

Select Portfolio Commentary September 2020 Latest

Optimism continued to rise in August amid mounting hopes for a COVID-19 vaccine and solid global growth.


Select Portfolio Commentary August 2020

In equity markets, better economic activity data pushed prices higher, albeit for U.K. Sterling based investors most international equity markets ended the month in negative territory as the U.S. Dollar weakened.


Select Portfolio Commentary July 2020

It was a historic quarter for financial markets. Coming into the quarter, markets had just begun to rebound after the outbreak of COVID-19 and subsequent government mandated lockdowns...


Select Portfolio Commentary June 2020

Developed market economies, which came to a sudden stop during the pandemic lockdown period, entered the recovery phase in May.


Select Portfolio Commentary May 2020

April was marked by a rally in equities as COVID-19 infection rates peaked.


Select Portfolio Commentary April 2020

In the history of financial markets, there has never been a quarter like Q1 2020. The outbreak of COVID19 has pushed the global economy into a sharp downturn.


Select Portfolio Commentary March 2020

After equity markets reached all-time highs, hopes of a quick resolution of the coronavirus outbreak faded with the growth of new reported cases across the globe.